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Trading is difficult but if definitely shouldn’t be - the system was created to all users but especially beginners who are starting to trade

When I first heard and researched crypto, one of the top images that showed up was a big black background screen with various computer-font numbers in red and green with a lot of decimals, arrows up and down in the same colors, all of them changing every second, and a small graph in some corner of the screen.

The scared face was real, I’m not lying.

But, with time, I learned this was an Exchange layout and I discovered the function of every part of that screen frenzy that was happening before my eyes. It finally calmed me down and I started to understand another part of the crypto world.

However, Klever wanted this experience of getting the first contact with the Exchange to be more pleasant for beginners than mine was.

They want people to enjoy and stay - not to be scared and run away.

The Klever Way to Experience the Exchange

So, Klever developed the Klever Exchange with the utmost care for crypto traders who are giving their first steps into this universe.

Of course, if you already trade and are very experienced with Exchanges, you also can enjoy the system, but for beginners, the experience will be even more magic to unveil.

In the words of Bruno Campos, Klever’s CTO and Co-Founder,

“The idea behind Klever Exchange is to provide a simple, intuitive, safe and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture”.

And, as I still consider myself a beginner, I tested it as one. And let me tell you:

I did my first trade! So easy, so fast.

Before we get to that, I’ll use Felipe Rieger’s words (Head of NFT and Exchange Product Manager) since they summarize exactly what I felt:

“Our home page shows in a simple way the negotiation pairs, the withdrawal and the deposit buttons. And our Exchange does not distract the user easily with too much information so it helps in a way that anyone can trade in it”

Another thing that Rieger highlighted was one similarity with the Klever Wallet: the percentage button. It facilitates the calculations when the user needs to know the value that he/she wants to withdraw from the account.

Also, Klever Exchange has something else on its sleeve.

If in order for you to trade, you have to spend a fee, imagine if you are starting on this and make some mistakes in transactions losing money or even want to try with small amounts before going big and also don’t want to spend so much to make little trades? It’s a bummer, indeed.

But a Klever way to do that it’s through our Exchange.

“We have very low fees and the minimum order from all of our keypairs are also very low. This makes us "friendly" for beginners and different from other exchanges.
That means you can test and grow your trading skills with low amounts, understanding, studying, and learning the Exchange and crypto world.
The best way to learn how to trade is trading. With users from all over the world, Klever welcomes everyone, regardless of social conditions or anything else.”

-Felipe Rieger, Klever Exchange Product Manager

So, with that being said: I made a trade.

The easy trading system

When I was at the home page, it was easy to see some very important information: trading pairs and their general development and the withdrawal and deposit buttons.

Once you click on “Deposit” and choose the crypto you want, the address shows up and you can copy it or use the QR Code.

I copied it and pasted it in my wallet at the corresponding crypto address and voilá! It transferred in a few minutes to the Exchange.

When the transfer was finished, I simply clicked on the “History” button on the footer of the app (just to check if the amount was there) and then went to “Trade”.

Klever Exchange App Trade Page

I put my price order, the amount I wanted, clicked on “Buy” and just waited for my order to be “matched”!

Of course, this wasn’t a tutorial or explanation of how an Exchange works.

We’ll do one of those soon enough.

It is just me describing how fast I did a trade, with no complications or second thoughts and showing how Klever Exchange is perfect for new crypto traders. And I started one of these days in this universe.

Alright, for those of you who are used to it, it seems like a day-to-day activity, like brushing your teeth.

But, remember: at first, it is hard. It’s not easy. And complicated systems can be a push to a give up. And we want this crypto-verse to grow!

That doesn’t mean we are going to do things for dummies or start to put bears, bees and flowers talking to teach us (even though I would not complain, I think it’s cute and doesn’t hurt).

But it means that we need straightforward, fast and secure systems that everyone can be in - from the experienced to the beginner.

As Bruno Campos said:

“Klever Exchange was created as a home to users who are completely new to crypto trading by providing a simpler user experience, while enabling reliability and useful features to experienced traders through market-leading speed, ironclad security, market maker opportunities and low fees.”

So, at the end of the day: it is for me. It is for you that understand more than me. It is for the guy next door who knows less than both of us. It is indeed for everyone.

So don’t be afraid to try and give it a shot. Download the Klever Exchange and the Klever Wallet and dive into the Klever ecosystem!

Keep it Klever,

Maluh Bastos

Klever Writer and Editor


Why Klever Exchange is perfect for new crypto traders
Trading is difficult but if definitely shouldn’t be - the system was created to all users but especially beginners who are starting to trade