Felipe Rieger is an advisor and entrepreneur specializing in Web3. He has a diverse technology, sports, marketing, hospitality, and business development background. He is the founder of Thirdfy, a company that invests, advises, and builds on Web3. Felipe has also advised layer chains and Web3 projects and founded many Web 2.0 startups.

Here is a brief summary of his history:

At 14, he dreamed of becoming a pro footballer and played for youth big teams in Brazil. At 18, he moved to Europe and played for two years for teams in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Portugal.

At 21, he chose to interrupt his early career and venture into entrepreneurship. He began his journey by working in marketing and sports management through his first company. He has then expanded their fields, also working on entertainment-related projects. At 22, he masterminded the entry of the American brand Playboy into the beverage market in Brazil, leading the brand marketing in Latin America for two and a half years. He also negotiated with Brazilian producers and TV channels presenting reality show programs for Football and Surf, with success in Europe.

In 2016, Felipe introduced Govivant, a hospitality platform and brand with a new experiences marketplace community concept. He launched a new subscription business model introducing Govivant Member: Brazil's first drinks and lifestyle subscription, with partnerships with Bacardi Group and other major brands.

Felipe created Claptable in 2020, a restaurant platform to attract and retain customers through rewards instead of high marketplace fees. Customers can use points to pay for orders, redeem gift cards, or create curated experiences.

Felipe Rieger joined Klever in 2021 as the Global Head of NFT and Klever Exchange Product Lead. He successfully launched Klever Exchange and Devikins Gamefi NFT Marketplace worldwide. He created a new decentralized launchpad and Web3 platform named KleverNFT. Rieger was also the advisor for the Klever Foundation on Web3.

In 2023, he merged all of its current projects and founded Thirdfy, which invests, advises, and builds on Web3.

Under the Thirdfy umbrella, Felipe Rieger is launching a sports investment and a hospitality investment platform with a fractionalizing ownership and revenue-sharing model powered by Web3. He is also creating a new multichain liquidity platform for advanced traders in Web3.

As we embark on the journey of Web 3.0, Felipe believes that it will revolutionize how we perceive and engage with technology. Undoubtedly, this new chapter of the web will have a profound impact.

Additionally, we will be introduced to NFTs, which will be a significant learning and interactive experience for the upcoming 20 years. According to Rieger, the term "NFT" may not be commonly used soon, as successful platforms will make anyone utilize it without even realizing it, similar to how users interact with technology in the world's most significant products.

Felipe believes that blockchain and cloud companies have changed the world. There is enough space for each person to use their efforts and expertise to create decentralized solutions to provide financial freedom and improve and give new opportunities and possibilities to people's lives.

He is honored and proud to be part of this "ecosystem."

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