At 14 years old and with the dream of becoming a professional football player, he began his journey around the world. He played for youth teams from Clubs of Gremio and Botafogo in Brazil until he moved to Europe at age 18. He lived in the old continent for two years through professional teams from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Portugal.

At age 21, he interrupted his early career by choice and began his journey in entrepreneurship. It started working with marketing and sports management through its first company. Then expanded their fields, also working on projects related to entertainment. At 22, he masterminded the entry of the American brand Playboy into the beverage market in Brazil, leading the brand marketing in Latin America for two and a half years. He also negotiated with Brazilian producers and TV channels presenting reality show programs for Football and Surf, with success in Europe.

In 2016 he met for the first time Dio Ianakiara and his teammates. Since then, he has created a significant connection with Dio and started working on many projects together.

In 2016, Felipe introduced GoVivant, a new experiences marketplace community concept. He launched a new subscription business model introducing GoVivant Member: the first drinks and lifestyle subscription in Brazil, with partnerships with Bacardi Group and other major brands.

GoVivant has pivoted for a rewards and loyalty platform and merged with Claptable, creating a complete platform for the hospitality industry.

Claptable had a simple model for restaurants to attract and retain customers using a new concept of rewards instead of paying high marketplace fees. In 2020, Claptable launched a commission-free food-ordering marketplace that remodels how people order food during the pandemic. Customers can also use their points to pay for further orders, redeem gift cards from brands like Uber, Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix, or create curated experiences for our community.

In early 2021, Felipe Rieger joined Klever full-time to work again close to the team he first met in 2016 and never disconnected. He started as the global Head of NFT (non-fungible tokens) and Klever Exchange Product Manager.

Felipe led the team to launch Klever Exchange globally, a crypto-to-crypto Exchange with a growing user base. Through this link, the Klever Exchange has its numbers tracked on CoinMarketCap, the most important analytic tool in the world.

Rieger has also led the launch of the Devikins NFT Marketplace and helped the team during the game launch.

In 2022, Rieger has created a new decentralized launchpad, marketplace, and Web3 platform with KleverNFT. The project is now the DEX NFT Marketplace for the Klever Foundation.

In March 2023, Rieger has become the Web3 Advisor for the Klever Foundation.

He also announced his new project, which he co-founded: Minthree. Minthree is the first Multi-Chain NFT Exchange with Rewards for Ethereum, KleverChain, Polygon, and BNBChain NFTs.

We are living at the beginning of Web 3.0, this is the new chapter of the web as we know it, and Felipe believes it will change how we see and interact with technology forever. We are just in the early baby steps. NFT is also something we will learn and interact with for the next 20 years.

Felipe believes that blockchain and cloud companies have changed the world and are just at the beginning. There is enough space for each person to use their efforts and expertise to create decentralized solutions to provide financial freedom and improve and give new opportunities and possibilities to people's lives.

He is honored and proud to be part of this "ecosystem."

#paradox, #humor, and #change.