The sphere of decentralized finance has made a quantum jump over the past years. Today, there are dozens of deFi projects which provide their users with tempting investment opportunities. Klever Finance is definitely one of the top-league deFi platforms. The goal of Klever is the creation of innovative, easy-to-use, and secure products powered by peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies. Klever investors that want to follow the news related to their favorite project closely can subscribe to the most popular Klever influencers. Here is the list of the biggest Klever influencers on the Internet.

Key points:

  • KLV is the native token of the Klever Ecosystem.
  • Some of the main Klever influencers are Dio Ianakiara and Misha Lederman.
  • NOWPayments enables businesses to accept KLV payments.

What is KLV?

Klever Exchange

Klever Finance offers an ecosystem of deFi projects. Klever Exchange is the most notable product of Klever so far. Klever Exchange provides a simple, intuitive, safe and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture. Klever Exchange is able to handle over 3 million transactions per second. As a crypto-to-crypto exchange (CEX), Klever Exchange places an additional emphasis on security, high performance, seamless user experience and usability through easily accessible features.

Klever Wallet

Another major product of the Klever Ecosystem is Klever Wallet, which enables users to hold, send and receive crypto safely. Wallet users can directly trade currencies within the app. The registration, KYC, or selfies are not required. Moreover, users can invest in cryptocurrencies by using a credit card to buy directly in the app.

Klever Blockchain

Klever also has KleverChain, the platform’s own blockchain. The consensus algorithm of the KleverChain is based on the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism. Instead of being a smart contracts platform, Klever Blockchain will provide prebuilt and ready-to-use apps and functionalities that are native to the blockchain. With Klever OS’ simplifying approach, mobile and web developers do not need to understand crypto or blockchain anymore. They will be able to offer decentralized financial services with very low code integrations.


KLV is a utility token that powers all of the Klever products and services and brings credibility, agility, accountability and independence to Klever’s users. It strengthens the platform’s relationship with the community and enables dynamic partnership deals. All transactions carried out in the portfolio of apps go through the KLV coin, directly or indirectly. KLV, which has a supply of 10 billion coins, is the link between users and the products and services in the portfolio.

Brief history

Klever began its story in 2020 with the launch of Klever Multi Token Swap and adding of the Ethereum ERC20 tokens support. By the end of the year, Klever was able to deploy the majority of its features including the KLV Staking Program, as well as support for different blockchains. In 2021, Klever launched its mobile version of Klever Exchange and Klever Blockchain 1.0 (Testnet). In 2022, the platform seeks to present the mainnet of its blockchain and Klever Bank.

Best 5 Klever (KLV) influencers

Dio Ianakiara

Dio Ianakiara

Dio Ianakiara is one of the co-founders of Klever and the biggest personality in the Klever community. Dio has a popular Twitter account where he posts the hottest news about Klever. Dio is extremely active on social media, so he always has something exciting to share with his audience of more than 70 thousand people. Dio’s Twitter has practically all you need to know everything about Klever. This is why Dio’s Twitter is a must-follow for every Klever investor. After all, who else should people interested in Klever follow if not one of the co-founders of the project.

Misha Lederman

Misha Lederman

Misha Lederman is the Director of Communications at Klever. Misha does a great deal for the promotion of Klever on social media. On his Twitter page, Misha provides info about the key features of the Klever tech. For instance, check out his explanation of why Klever does not use smart contracts. So, by reading Misha’s Twitter you can get more educated about Klever. Misha regularly highlights the most interesting tweets about Klever from other users. Since Misha is one of the members of the Klever team, he possesses numerous insights which he frequently shares with his followers.

Sam the Carpet Man

Sam the Carpet Man

Sam the Carpet Man is one of the most popular Klever influencers on Twitter. Although Sam is not part of the official Klever team, he goes to a great length to advance Klever on social media and make more people aware of this amazing project. Sam’s Twitter feed is truly inspiring and exciting and can easily make everyone bullish on Klever and wanting to get some KLV. Sam is also an entrepreneur. His company sells and installs carpet and flooring. So, you can not only follow Sam on Twitter but also become his client, and yes, you absolutely can pay with KLV and a host of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Felipe Rieger

Felipe Rieger

Felipe Rieger is a Project Manager at Klever Exchange. He is also the head of Klever’s NFT department. This means that Felipe is the man you need to follow if you are interested in Klever NFTs and everything related to them. Felipe is also extremely generous and sometimes gives away NFTs to his audience members. NFTs are not the only topic which Felipe covers on Twitter. Felipe frequently makes repost of the noteworthy information about Klever and the latest ecosystem developments.

Dr. Klever

Dr. Klever

Dr. Klever is another major member of the Klever community and a belier in KLV. Dr. Klever does a great job hyping up Twitter users about Klever and his tweets get dozens of likes and comments. Dr. Klever’s Twitter is the place where you should go to get more excited about Klever. Dr. Klever also often makes interesting observations about KLV and its place in the crypto industry. Dr. Klever has more than 8 thousand followers on Twitter and you can join the community, too.


Klever is one of the most advanced deFi projects in the crypto industry. Apart from a great variety of amazing products, Klever has a strong community of investors and influencers. NOWPayments supports the promotion of Klever and provides tools for accepting KLV payments to businesses and individuals.


Top 5 influencers in Klever | NOWPayments
Apart from amazing products, Klever has a strong community of influencers. NOWPayments supports Klever and provides tools for accepting KLV payments.