The time has come! Klever Exchange is scheduled to be launched globally on September 30, 2021.

With this release, three Klever products will go out of beta mode and will be out with improvements and new features developed throughout beta test phases with the help of the Klever community.

Official and out of Beta

Beta time is over. From September 30, three products of Klever Exchange will go out of Beta mode and will finally be released in their official format:

  1. Klever Exchange for Android
  2. Klever Exchange for iOS
  3. Klever Exchange for Web

In the last 90 days, we have received an immense amount of essential feedback from our community regarding our iOS and Android mobile apps. Thousands of suggestions and comments for our Beta Exchange version were extremely valuable to our team, and this interaction is leading us to a new level of product.

The community spoke, shared their wants and needs, and we listened.

The Road to Klever Exchange

In order to accommodate the new “members” inside the Klever ecosystem, some simple and powerful changes will be made with the launch of two new websites:

- the home of Klever Exchange will be

- will become the new Klever Foundation home.

We consider that the Klever Exchange Web will take the lead for our Exchange products and guide Klever to this new phase in our ecosystem. Also, we plan to have many new keypair listings and features to be announced and integrated soon.

New features incoming

New features will include:

- Klever Trades, an easy and smart way to use bots for optimized trading.

- Support for NFTs with a brand new NFT marketplace to list collections and sell and buy amazing NFTs.

- And much more to come!

Klever Exchange is for everyone!

Through these times of Beta, Klever has been developing and creating an easy to use, fast, versatile and secure product for our community and users.

Klever Exchange is a product created from traders and crypto experts to traders and crypto enthusiasts.

“Everyone should be able to easily trade and find new sources of income through decentralization and crypto. In Klever Exchange, we welcome the advanced traders, the ones who can read a chart and make a deep analysis through the market, the investor who explores the passive income through staking and wants to improve its trading skills, as well as the beginner who discovered crypto in the last days and wants to explore this new world with an easy and simple product.

Klever Exchange is for anyone who wants to explore the crypto market, advanced or beginner, trader or small investor. By listening to our community, we will have products and features for everyone.

But for this to be ready it was a true team effort that involved not only the Klever staff, but the global KLV community as well who shared their thoughts and were active with their feedback during the product’s Beta phase.

- Felipe Rieger, Klever Exchange Product Manager

As we move toward the Klever Exchange Global Launch on September 30, we want to thank everyone in the amazing Klever community for all the support, feedback, and patience as the entire Klever dev team is building a trading platform where anyone can trade - simple yet powerful.

And we are just getting started,

Klever Team


Klever Exchange Global launch to happen in September 30
The three Klever Exchange platforms for web, iOS and Android will all come out of their beta versions and will be released in their full format at the end of September!