Today we are proud to announce the global launch of Klever Exchange for Web, iOS and Android.

Today, we are reinventing the crypto exchange.

14 years ago Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone and everything changed. Today, we would like to quote him in honor of his timeless status as a source of inspiration for those of us who embrace the adventure, hardships and challenges of building new innovative products.

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”  –– Steve Jobs

Five years ago, during a meeting with our team in 2016, we decided to devote all of our resources, passion and time to developing two excellent products:

  • Our first product was an innovative and user-friendly self-custody crypto wallet that was the foundation for KleverOS.
  • Our second product was a high-performance and groundbreaking crypto-to-crypto exchange where everyone can trade.

We started out as a small team of only six core members with a queue of problems so large that it seems to go on forever and for infinity.

We had to reimagine the Exchange

The technology to build the exchange and wallet we envisioned did not yet exist on any platform, so we had to create and code everything from scratch and that was where the fun truly began!

When you build a disruptive cryptocurrency exchange and crypto wallet, you firstly need a solid security foundation. The journey began when we decided to build the first security module for Klever wallet, which is now the KleverOS, our in-house built operating system that today is used by over 3 millions users around the world.

We had a massive challenge, as most crypto libraries were created with JavaScript and required hacks, and therefore we could not rely on JavaScript for our security. It was simply not sufficient for our security needs and requirements.

We decided to go the harder way and build a fully native module for security. In addition to support for major blockchain protocols, this module was 100% native and built in-house with proprietary technology and was the same module that was working in production for 3 years without ever being hacked nor experience a single security incident.

Klever Wallet was introduced to the public in 2018. Besides changing the entire crypto and blockchain industry, Klever also revolutionized true individual ownership, by making self-custody easy and accessible for everyone.

With hundreds of thousands of hours devoted to developing and processing community feedback for numerous re-builds, we are now reaching the ultimate level of our wallet ecosystem and we call it Klever 5. This new wallet version, set to be rolled out in the coming quarter, will accommodate all users and take performance and user experience to completely new levels.

A groundbreaking product needs an innovative, intuitive and simplistic user interface and that is what KleverOS have enabled us to focus on.

Today we’re here to introduce three new next generation exchange products:

  • First, a crypto-to-crypto exchange on the web, available to anyone with an internet connection.
  • Second, a native crypto-to-crypto mobile exchange for iOS.
  • Third, a native crypto-to-crypto exchange on Android.

But before I dive deeper into the Klever Exchange itself, let’s talk about the current crypto exchange landscape available on the market.

Today the most advanced crypto exchanges are great, as they say, typically combine a web version and a mobile with limited features. The problem is that they’re not so klever and they’re most definitely not so easy to use.

Most mobile and web crypto exchanges are definitely hard to understand, and they are actually really difficult to use. They’re really complicated. Just figuring out how to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw coins is hard.

We have drawn a chart that estimates the distance between the klever experience and its competitors in terms of user experience and speed.

Important to mention is that most large exchanges usually stop trading during critical market events like a bitcoin pump or dump, meaning that during high market volatility when huge opportunities open up for traders, these exchanges actually don’t function.

After many years in the field, we at Klever understand that we can count on one hand how many exchanges are really professional in the industry.

Take for instance the customer support. An essential service in our industry. You'll find nothing but chaos.

That’s not klever. We don’t want to do either one of these things. What we want is a groundbreaking crypto experience that is way more klever than any crypto exchange and wallet has ever been, and that is incredibly easy to use and simple to understand.

Unlike our competitors, Klever provides support that is built on the experience of other support platforms.

The team and workflow we have built are aligned around offering quality support with a personal touch regardless of the value of the users or their geographic location.

The klever ninjas on our support team and tech development teams provide seamless support and produce great results quickly. We currently have turnaround times below 10 minutes for first response, with resolutions in place within 24 hours, irrespective of the time zone of the user.

Crypto is difficult, but it shouldn’t be

The complexity of other platforms is clearly evident in their confusing user interface.
Klever is here to simplify crypto trading.

Other Complicated Exchanges

In its first version, Klever Exchange shows basic functionality for new and experienced traders alike. What produces magic however is the technical foundation we built to scale our services in order to provide more powerful and relevant features to everyone based on a foundation of security, scalability, reliability and market-leading speed.

Klever Exchange Mobile User Friendly View

While naive in its current set of simple and straightforward features, Klever Exchange holds the technological structure to perform at levels no other exchange can reach. Oftentimes, it is highly beneficial to not be first market movers, and instead meticulously study the industry and build based on those insights.

Our Klever dev team of engineers, developers and experts in their respective technical fields is constantly improving the user experience and adding more and more exciting features to make Klever Exchange the best exchange in the world.

The idea behind Klever Exchange is to provide a simple, intuitive, safe and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture.

Klever Exchange was created as a home to users who are completely new to crypto trading by providing a simpler user experience, while enabling reliability and useful features to experienced traders through market-leading speed, ironclad security, market maker opportunities and low fees.

All features and concepts deployed on Klever Exchange are built and designed with the end users in mind. This includes both users that are taking their first steps in the world of crypto and do not yet understand how crypto trading exactly works, but at the same time facilitating advanced tools for more seasoned traders to profit and benefit from.

Revolutionary Trading Experience

Klever Exchange sets out an ambitious plan to make crypto trading simple, joyful and accessible to all, and aims to take the world of crypto to the next level. The launch of Klever Exchange will be a game changer for the entire ecosystem and the KLV token, which will be playing a central role in not just the exchange, but all products and platforms in the Klever world of apps.

Klever Exchange is built to be a borderless and global trading platform where literally “anyone can trade”.

Users from all over the world will be able to trade at extremely low amounts and very low fees. Our exchange structure was built with the third world strongly in mind, as well as a low entry threshold.

Klever Exchange is meant to be a tool to give freedom to the little guy, who on other platforms is often forgotten or neglected, since priority is primarily put on larger traders or whales. Like always, we will do it differently.

Klever Exchange will be a fundamentally fair platform where our first-class support team will give as much emphasis on new and small traders as on big and experienced traders, and the exchange experience will fit both newcomers as well as seasoned traders.

This also means there’s a lot of room in the market to improve the user experience and deliver better, faster, smarter and more reliable services, which is exactly what Klever Exchange sets out to do.

Many of our users have for a long time been requesting a secure, simple and versatile crypto exchange that they can trust and feel at home with. It’s with their feedback and years of research that we are today launching Klever Exchange globally for Web, iOS and Android.

This is only the first step in our amazing journey together, and with your assistance, feedback and input, we can jointly build the simplest, fastest and most secure crypto exchange on the planet.

Sincerely yours,

Dio Ianakiara

CEO & Co-Founder of Klever


Klever Global Exchange Launch - By Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara
Today we are proud to announce the global launch of Klever Exchange for Web, iOS and Android.